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Global Green New Deal

While the world’s finite resources are under increasing demand and the world struggles with finding solutions to address what are critical issues at hand, renewable energy is center to the discussion, and transitioning to 100% clean energy necessary to ensure our future for generations.

Air pollution and climate change threatens the lives of Americans at an alarming rate. If we continue with business as usual, our health and well-being will be significantly impacted, and the loss of quality of life and mortality, among many factors, will be devastating.

“Given this information, the total social cost due to air pollution mortality, morbidity, lost productivity, and visibility degradation in the U.S. in 2050 is conservatively estimated from the B45 800(11 600–104 000) premature mortalities per year to be $600(85–2400) bil. per year using $13.1 (7.3–23.0) million per mortality in 2050.”

A study laying a clear roadmap for U.S. clean energy across all states was created by Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University.

Research and analysis of a bottom-up design approach are critical as we transition into a more resilient and healthy future.

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