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New Global Environmental and Social Organization 

Earth Foundation

Announces its Intent to 

Position Itself as the World Leader of Planet Earth

Contact: Vanessa Smith


February 22, 2022  ATLANTA, GA United States – Earth Foundation, Inc. open search for advisory committee for the greatest global organization. The Earth Foundation is a global  organization, to establish a harmonious and peaceful advancement of our society and planet- for the safety, security and protection of the world.

To transform the development of Planet Earth and society through new social, environmental and economic methods and leadership to introduce a whole new economic model and global developed through the Global Design. A design that advances Earth and society in a deliberate way, a society and planet that is in harmony with Nature. To complement the United Nations, a response for a collective call-to-action included- synergistic with all global organizations. Earth Foundation represents the planet, society and all life systems free of corruption and broken systems. It is an aggressive and proactive plan to replace negative systems with positive healthy systems throughout the world.

It is undoubtedly a transitioning and redefining moment of our time.We see the vast and interconnected global network, in health, economy, environment and in life systems throughout. We understand now how important our environment, society and economy are for a thriving society, searching for new ideas and innovations to pave the way towards a brighter future for our children and the planet. It’s time to bring this knowledge and insight about the world into a cohesive and functional reality through purposeful intention, a design and global plan of action.

Establishment leadership has only led us to a rise in global poverty rates over the past couple of decades to an astonishing 711,159,078 living in extreme poverty globally today (World Poverty Hour). Along with rising sea levels, through old and mismanaged global organizations, who seem set on not adapting widely to Natural demand. The time for new infrastructure, leadership, innovation to lead conservation and social advancement is now. 

Stubborn instruments, infrastructures, systems and management mechanisms that exist today in our global economy lack the flexibility and motivation to integrate the changes and steps necessary to design a green and productive civilization, one that advances with Nature, the environment and the Earth for a long-term vision of our society. 

We need bold ideas and disruptive new systems and mechanisms, infrastructures and leadership to pave the way for a new Earth, one that is carefully managed so that a thriving society, environment and economy can coexist with a Nature and a value based economy. Advancing technology and nature symbiotically. 

Through a carefully managed and global design concept,  a complete reinvention of how we transact with the Planet is possible,  aligning our priorities for the environment and society with the global economy. 

Earth Foundation is a novel proposed global governance organization designed to serve, manage, protect and defend Planet Earth- for an advanced society and environment through fair economic development. A new approach to conservation, poverty and the economy, for a planet with priorities and targets that are met through One Global Design for Earth.

This is Gaia Principle in action.

We are invested in a Natural Treasury, a repository of value and life systems that define the design of the environment, society and the economy. The Natural Treasury is part of the proposed Foundry, and Earth Management Command Center.

I would like to proudly extend an invitation to join the mission for an exciting new world with bright, green and innovative approaches to tacking the world’s most pressing issues, designing global targets and managing a certification and standardization method to incorporate the Global Design from communities, small business, corporations, NGO’s, community centers and foundations alike. A deliberate plan to find our shared mutual values for a One Earth global design plan. 

Join us today by participating in our new organization to design a new world and establish a global effort towards a One Earth model. 

Your contributions and support are needed to advance this global green agenda. 

Yours Truly,

Vanessa Marie Smith


Earth Foundation, Inc.





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