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Global Disruption: Ascending Earth

Planet Earth is succinctly a most beautiful thing. Her myriad of intricacies, life supporting systems and vital elements that make our lives better. Have you ever stopped and contemplated on the magic that happens in Nature and in Life? From the tiniest ant colony to the great mysteries of the Cosmic Universe, to explore the world and our existence in it leaves us in awe of her many splendors.

Our global order, much of it hidden and working in dark corners, leads our world in the decisions that shape our future of our robust and delicate Planet. Every decision made by leaders from across the globe defines our world, leading us into our total global development. 

It is time to organize Peace, and set out with deliberate and purposeful advancement of our society and world.

Change is a constant, and a natural occurring phenomena. There are not many things we can rely happening as history moves us through our cycles of existence on this planet, change however is as steady as they come. This change cycle is an element and function of our own natural evolution. Tuning into our existence of our  planet enables us to perceive that a new cycle of our civilization is undoubtedly occurring. 

We observe through the crisis precipitating change occurring throughout the world right now. Global disease, global order, broken banking and financial systems, greater income inequality, water stability, nuclear arms race, natural degradation, military-industrial complex, social injustice and environmental catastrophe are all some of the challenges facing our time.

It is up to us whether we want to accept the reality of the world we live in. The truth is, we have much more command of our beautiful blue marvel than we think.

What if all the great minds and thinkers, activists and preachers, scientists, peacekeepers and peacemakers, and citizens of the world came together and formed their own vision of the world?  If we decided to change the world together, breaking barriers and mental constructs of our reality, we could attain the world we dream of. 

Nature as a Role Model

It’s time for a Revolution.

Earth Foundation

The Earth Foundation is a proposed center for Peace existence on Planet Earth. Our hope is to unify Earth’s conscious efforts, partner with all those invested in advancing our planet and society for a peaceful, harmonious and advanced society and planet.

Free from political pressure and the deliberate and purposeful advancement and freedom on Earth, working to advance life on Earth to prepare us to perform at a Universal scale. Purveyors of world peace and Universal advancement- Earth’s Keepers.

Defenders of the Earth, Creators of the Future.

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