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The New Economy for the New Utopian Order

Globalization in the year 2022 means something today it never meant before. Stemming from a long complex set of systems developed throughout history, our global world is a buzzing and beaming stream of interconnected nodes vast and interwoven, allowing us to trade, work, travel and communicate at unprecedented speeds and levels. Driven by global economies and marketplace, today’s global order is largely driven by the desire to grow in wealth and power, compelled by a GDP standard in a globalized economy, taxes and interest rates, and a fiat monetary system with little order or logic to their value, abandoning the gold bouillon reserve standard in the 70’s.

As a human civilization and species our instinct and drive to develop and explore, achieve wonder, and push ourselves to our own limitations is tremendous. Transportation, trade routes, exploration, and colonization marked the earlier years of globalized development. The exploration of America by European explorers led to the expansion of a global network, riddled by white men carrying diseases and weapons, and a strong instinct to dominate and conquer, destroying a beautiful delicate race and culture which lived on the same land, the Native Americans.

Power and electricity, infrastructure, technology and economies carve out much of the later 19th and 20th centuries, propelling the current industrialization of our modern civilization, establishing a capitalist driven industrial model as new ideas and new inventions brought about engineering, scientific and mathematical feats by genius inventors, like Henry Ford, Nicholas Tesla and Albert Einstein. The Third Age of Industrialization rearing its Fourth Age of Industrialization, economists present.

Although the history of industrialization and globalization has led to many great achievements, it came at a great cost. The cost, too dear and too deep, as colonizers and white men decimated so many fragile and important populations around the world, leading to slavery, torture and the defilement of humans to one another. This mentality led to a level of apathy and entitlement as globalization grew, the resentment and lessening of morality of society. Leading us to the distressful reality that still exists today- for colonizers systems to succeed, they need a fragile, broken and controlled population.

The powers that be, often referred to as the 1%, understand this relationship of causation, setting a dangerous precedent and warning at end times – surely they are seasoned and prepared for a global catastrophe, setting themselves up to take control. That is why the mass awakening is so critical for us to organize.

The interdependence of relationships, growth and development has slowly formed throughout the years. War and strife, disease, hunger and poverty, torture and humiliation, prisons and crime, weapons and technology, species loss and the privatization of water- all harrowing side effects of a today’s globalized world, driven by power and corruption and at the expense of the meek minority.

All of this leads us to today, a paralyzed economy, war and disease, environmental degradation, poverty and social injustice. There is no returning back to the same world, and the economy as it is today is not intended to return back to its previous state.

Out of chaos, disorder, stress and necessity rise important and novel ideas, innovations and movements. The Renaissance of the 15th and 16th century emerged our of social and political unrest, led through artistic revival and philosophical ideals. The fight for new land and new hope led the American Revolution and establishment of this country.

The oppression, torture and devastation of the African man, woman and child- sadness that led us no choice but to fight for human rights and create civil rights movement, resisting insurmountable amounts of darkness, torture and sadness. Out of this a beautiful and deep culture and narrative prevailing at every gleaming light, never defeated.

And the oppressed female, one seemingly pervasive theme of a patriarchal society, with centuries of females quietly shouldering the ascent of our society while men took the credit, fighting for equality and respect.

All of these lead us to today, today’s Revolution. A philosophical, economic and planetary revolution, this mass awakening. The times are different, with technology which allows us to envision a future beyond belief, and a space fairing society on the brink of new horizons. Economy and nature now converging as new ways to explore our interdependence are shaped and formed.

Social, Environmental and Economic Revolution

One key aspect of this new economic perspective comes with a greater social demand, now deepened with a strong sense of understanding and perspective and with awareness of our spiritual being as a quintessential part of our everyday lives, and that our human, planetary, technological and economic development should not be at odds with our inherent human spirit.

As a society we are looking to strike harmony within these different systems in our lives; our keen sense of right and wrong conflict with the institutions and establishment that control the status quo. Now, more than ever is this apparent as part of our Great Awakening. And with this deeper understanding we gain insight on how our development and our relationship to this world should evolve.

The global deficit is reported at $226 trillion (imf.org). Debt and inflation have undoubtedly risen and a quick turnaround under this current model is not only hard to imagine but it is indeed broken; new economic models will have to help in designing new ideas for prosperity.

Global extreme poverty is currently reported at unprecedented levels affecting a quarter billion people around the globe (World Bank). This calculation is based on a paltry $1.90 a day PPP, which calculates the country’s income and economy for parity, is not a standard- it is an insult to humanity. People should be thriving, nourished and have access to stable housing, medical care, education and to insinuate any less is disparaging.

The reality is, when we consider natural resources in our economy, we could reduce the military-prison industrial complex and capitalist consumer driven model – through deliberate divestment from the old unsustainable economic model and investment into a peaceful and advanced civilization. The reason these function in the world is because we ascribe a financial, business and economic value to them. But what if we valued the price of freedom, peace and other aspects of a civilized society as well ?

A resource economy is an economy that is in balance with the natural world, and driven by the the instinct we have to manage natural stocks and flows of our planet, synchronizing economic development with the abundance of social and environmental systems. Historically, the systems of economy and social development conflict, as do those of the environment. That is to say, when the economy is up these natural systems don’t work as efficiently; are either destroyed, down, damaged or exhausted. This creates negative systems and systems of oppression, such as welfare state, slave labor, prison systems, extreme weather events, disease, mass migration, warfare, weapon development, terrorism, pollution, waste, landfills and other negative aspects of our society.

As we design the new economy we take into consideration our future, and our ideal state. What is it we want? It is a clear decision today: a dystopian vs. utopian ideal world. This model, designed for the Earth Foundation (www.earthfoundation.us) is developed to implement a global economic model for a Utopian, Level 1 peaceful civilization.
This model begins with a 100 year plan to achieve the planet we desire. We can develop and design ideas to start developing the world towards that goal, today. The idea is to develop a new model, driven by a new social system of community, family/tribes/villages, and individuals. This new system is created as a new third social system, adding to the Public-Private model. This third system is part of the Foundation, which through a decentralized organization can introduce radical new models to help us achieve this goal.

Natural systems and positive systems replace old negative systems, creating ideas and design for development based on these principles. Economic models, including the Resource based economy using models such as The Venus Project https://www.thevenusproject.com/ and the Ubuntu movement http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/, creating free energy, smart homes, community based farms and gardens, local and on demand innovations, and ending wasteful consumer based products and consumerist models.

Throughout the Foundation, we create a platform to unite our efforts towards advancing society and our planet.

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