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What is Earth Foundation?

Earth Foundation is a global decentralized organization for global advancement and an advanced civilization.

Earth Foundation follows Universal Laws and Principles and Natural Laws and Order.


Foundation is a well developed plan to manage, defend, protect Planet Earth.

Up to today, we have not accounted for the planet and people in the economy. The Earth Foundation introduces the Foundry, an innovative new way to approach the Earth.


Currently, the global order operates in a two socioeconomic model system: Private and Public, Corporate and Government, respectively

Earth Foundation is firmly rooted in Community, and we believe that we can balance the global damage through the introduction of the new socioeconomic role : Community, Family/Tribes/Villages, and Individuals.

Earth Foundation introduces a NEW socioeconomic system to the PRIVATE-PUBLIC systems. We call it Foundations : Community

The new socioeconomic role is both a social and economic model, which introduces a new economic model and currency, as part of the Global Commons repository. The Foundry is a currency which incorporates positive impact through indicators and quality of life features.

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