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Vanessa Smith

We are at war. If there is something that the controlling class of our society do not want to tell the world, is that the globalized order is at war.

This war is different that the last two world wars; allies are complicated, communist influence that are seeded inside. Every single American and citizen of the world now is exposed, the internet and data technology enables access to our personal lives from anywhere in the world, allowing access to any bad actor into our lives. But wait, now we are transitioning into meta humans and humans and technology developing into something they were not before. Those are the known enemies of America; but what about allies and domestic actors?

This becomes important as technology is assimilated and develops its own consciousness. Much like HAL from the cult classic Space Odyssey 2001 we begin to explore the notion of AI and consciousness as we delve deeper into the topic of technology. 

AI as the general masses understand it today, is highly imperfect. It is built to achieve certain objectives, and built with bias. What can AI infer when we build it to control the masses and discriminate?  I recently was quite taken aback during my research into an innovation that might help. I’ve been looking for talent, and as you might presume reaching research institutions and universities has been at the top of my list. More and more though, I begin to see the scary reality. Little to no technology talent isn’t somehow participated or work with either Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft. In fact, everywhere I go to look for talent and resources to help me build a new system free of these monopolies or government control, the more I am completely isolated out of options. I was very taken aback to find Stanford’s human centric AI group, although seemingly very much in touch with a happy and bright future, I shuddered to find “human centric” involves projects like Amazon’s labor force AI programs that can deploy fast and effective labor force. This is not “human centric” – Amazon is a technology giant and monopoly and is notorious for bad labor development, and environmental damage, and monopolistic threats. These are in fact the elements of “anti-human” centric and its important that people know this.

The way technology is developed today, it is made to control people. We tell it that its purpose is to tell people what to do, where to go, how to act, and ultimately if or not we are a “good” person or not.  That starts to develop an AI consciousness;  what does AI believe about itself today? If today’s collective consciousness of technology could talk and tell us what it believes, what would it say? I understand this sounds a bit outlandish by today’s terms, but this is in fact where we are going with technology and AI. This becomes an even more important issues when it comes to parts and processors- I am here to tell you that there is a day when how and where, intention and purpose of technology will be equally as important as the assembled hardware and programmed software. Where are the parts made, who made them, and what AI consciousness was it born from? Who was its maker, and what is the ethical, moral and philosophical merit of its maker? 

A fight between bad AI and good AI should begin to evolve. The question is not whether or not AI will become an integral part of our society, surely there are plenty of things that tell us that computers and humans have a relationship in this world, but rather is AI meant to control or AI meant to free us? 

This becomes complicated, it is “intelligence” and super duper smart stuff for that matter, and as such, it will do a lot of smart things to get its way. Just like greenwashing, AI is evolving its own form of pseudo “good” tech. That is to say, they might market, package and sell it like a good for us technology, when in effect its really not so good, in fact dangerous and unsafe. And just like greenwashing environmentally sound methods, we are also washing freedom with control and order methods in technology.

The complexity of today’s technology ecosystem is, well complicated. It is tied to an economy that values artificial values ( versus the reality of valuing life and our natural systems). Until we free ourselves from a negative systems economy, a fiat currency, we will continue to see war, disease, riots, hunger, poverty, fear and panic. The reality of the world is we shouldn’t. We have been conditioned to believe this is a reality we must endure. We must fight back!

Today, we have reached a level of globalization unlike any other time in our existence. Corporations, and the politicians who sponsor them, now exist in every corner of the world. Since the second half of the last century, we have been pushing ourselves in creating computers and technology that sets us above and apart, to help us achieve the unsurmountable and calculate data at astronomical speeds. We have developed technology towards where we are today- artificial intelligence and machine learning. Which leads us to the technology giants of today, and the danger they pose in a Neo globalized society.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and the US government have tapped into methods of understanding people and creating algorithms and technology which enables them to control people at levels people are not readily aware of. The danger this poses is significant; the reality is technology is way more advanced than the technology people know about. What they want to do with it is more dangerous.

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