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As I continue to develop the model for the Foundation in a book, I would like to offer useful excerpts by topic as I go along.

Here is one, which is key to the Foundation’s model.


Earning Income through the Foundry

The Foundry is the proposed economic system of the Foundation. It includes research and development of global goals. These  goals are created through forming an Utopian model, and then setting standards and indicators that enable development and procurement towards these goals. 

The indicators each have weight and value, measured through impact and trade-offs. That is to say when one element value goes up, what goes down is also included. These might include various trade-offs, the goal however is to be net positively producing to stimulate positive system development.

Take a librarian, for example. How does a librarian calculate his or her earned income through the Foundry?

Depending on the field, the level of experience, demand of particular field is relevant, as it is currently. This feature through the Foundation asks these specifics through the lens of Community, Planet and People. What are the needs and demands of your community, and its role to the advancement of Planet Earth?

Thought its platform, we can effectively calculate earnings. 

Then, deeper into the income of the librarian will come an assortment of value and weight factors. What is the greater societal good of the role of a librarian? The Foundation’s philosophy would favor librarians that work in our community. Our librarians income, who serve a great role in our community, and their incredibly important role would reflect that value. 

Let’s delve then into the algorithm with this question, the algorithm calculates income.

90 Plants: considerable est. 90 in positivity – Librarians play a critical role in the dissemination of information for education and scientific research. Education and scientific research helps us understand the Natural world and her biological functions. This relationship is critical to ensure that the Plant Systems have a positive trajectory and development on Planet Earth.

90 Animals 

90 Land

98 People and Society

90 Space

90 Microorganisms

This is an initial simple example of an answer to how it works. 

In greater detail, factors are developed according to two things:

  1. Global Design which establishes the vision and plans
  2. Feedback and response

Which then loops back into 

      3) Global Design

 Through looping we adjust rates and weighted values, establish new factors, modify existing ones, consider others such as is needed, supply chain analysis, which is a key part of this economy- we are adjusting proactively the economy at a refined level according to development, natural events, geopolitics, demand cycles, etc.

This is where the magical part of this model exists. Perspective is key to success, through this model we begin to be determinants of the outcome. This is due to the Global Design demand and procurement, where responsiveness is clearly  guided by ultimate outcomes. 

Ultimate outcomes are created by intention and purpose. Philosophically, this stimulates a greater question of Ultimate Purpose, planned through careful and deliberate discussion and design.

This then is the process of co-creation that is discussed, where we are aware that our existence and the Cosmic Universe co-exist, and that our reality is shaped through the power of our intention and purpose. Through the Foundation,  I most am dedicated to seeking a deeper purpose and understanding of humanity and civilization. The concept of advanced civilization and planet motivates my ideas and concepts, achieving a Level 1 Peaceful Civilization within the 100 year plan is a target of the Foundation’s Master Plan and Design.

Weight and value of factors should help to achieve Level 1 Peaceful Civilization in 100 years.

Potential and the Development of a Skilled Employee

One of the objectives of the Foundation is to stimulate upward mobility and training, skilling and education. The labor force at large can be moved towards healthier employment with greater quality of life features. We then place a value on the potential skills of labor worker as a value in their Foundry- what is this laborers potential beyond current employment? (Research value of people employed for income and employed for occupation). Let’s look at an example of potential in the work force.

Let’s discuss a fast-food worker, or a mega store employee. In both scenarios we can assert that each individual employee plays an important role in serving essentials food and provisions to the community. However, the employee might not be making enough money due to the fact he or she is paid by the current minimum wage model. His or her quality of life features might also be restricted by long hours and little resources, perhaps day care, transportation or affordable meals. This restricted value of quality of life is expressed as potential value.

For example, a fast-food employee: 

Algorithm (not fully displayed ) factor results:

58 Plants  Fast-food worker, in this function, provides essential food services to the community, which provides a balancing ecosystem of food,  shelter and sustenance for society.

58 Animals

58 Air

58 Land

58 Water

78 People and Society

And here POTENTIAL is triggered by certain values and determining factors including quality of life indicators. 

Let’s assume this person has the potential of working we will set an average 85.

85 average potential value – 58 QQHVP  = 27 per/unit Potential value added to his Foundry.

Potential then is built by individuals and their desired occupation, skill or trade. The Potential of the individual will be based on this. Perhaps this individual wants to become a doctor, or film producer. The individual then can earn income in his Potential, while being an employee at the fast-food restaurant. 

Education, course work, volunteering, community work, internship, research and independent studies are all values that individuals can tap into as earned income in their respective Potential fields.

Initially, at the moment until further R&D, the first calculations should be formulated on man made activity.

Now, let’s discuss the Foundry currency more in-depth. 

Foundry – A Revolution

Our cherished librarian earns now through her trade and skills but independently of a third party employer; she is now earning Foundry through the Foundation’s open decentralized Earth Network. 

What happens here is even more magical. 

The value of her earned income is then dispersed into the Natural Treasury, and the Community Reserve value as well as spendable income in her bank account. The benefit of her endeavors is also a positive asset to the community and the Natural Treasury, so this value is deposited equally in both. 

This creates a positive producing system model, effectively this currency value is  the intrinsic value of the work as well a human, natural and social asset that is visible, enjoyable and that the general public of this asset can mutually enjoy of its benefit. That is to say, for example increasing the quality of life of fast-food worker also closes or decreases the military-prison-industrial-capitalist complex and pipeline, which is mutually a benefit for the individual as it is to the community, and society at large.

The purpose and potential outcome of this model is to increase the probability of higher achievement levels, and raise the socioeconomic status, greater for those disproportionately affected by today’s consumer-capitalist society model. Closing the income inequality gap, decreasing incarceration rates, hunger, poverty rates.

So our cherished librarian and valuable fast food employee, through their own contributions to society establish a Community Foundation, with its own assets to accrue and spend, while also earning their own new economy Foundry income, based from a completely debt free socioeconomic system.

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