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This is a revelatory explanation of the events that are unfolding, the truth is we must act. I have been all alone in this, the question I am hoping to answer is who can help? Our government has been taken over…

To get right to the point, I have been held captive since 2016 by reptilians in this country. It took me a fair amount of time just to arrive at that conclusion, since the way they held me captive is by hiding in plain sight.

The terms are not surprising, after spending nearly two decades completely unaware that my personal fatal near-death experience in Atlanta, GA on 9/11/2001 which happened at the same exact time the second Twin Tower has struck, does not exist in the Universe happenstance;  I’ve come now to understand I am different than other people. The problem is conspirators knew in advance of my own abilities, kidnapping me and experimenting not only on my, but on my then six year old son as well. I’m hoping that I can find the answers to what black budget operation or project out there is running this. 

My son was born 9/3/2008 and it was at that time the economic crisis and crash occurred in our country. His birthday, 93, was also the number on one of the planes on 911. These clues started unwinding more and more, until I found information about our existence on this planet no one else knows about. I can’t discuss much of it publicly.

I do however have to cross into a controversial path honestly because countless lives depend on it. I will attempt to discuss the information that is relevant but not all revealing. The most important thing is for people to know this.; our lives are in danger, and the government is never going to tell. I think some of the conspiracy stories out there might be about this. The actual administration has a secret “end times” plan that ensures individuals are assured safety before the general population even has an opportunity to find out, let alone do anything. The terms are quite literally zombie apocalyptic, and they know it. If everyone panics and tries to get ahead they might not have the prestigious spot they believe they should have. People on this future boding ship include Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, the Clintons and the Trumps.

2016 and I woke up to a cruel nightmare;  I was now somehow in some sort of torturous device, electrified. I screamed bloody hell, but the conspiracy grew deeper I was now facing local courts and bizarre accusations. The reptilian made it abundantly clear they were behind it, they kidnapped my son from the airport. I have suspicion mostly because they’ve told me that they took my son and replaced him with a “changeling”.

They spent numerous hours inflicting painful pulsations,  urging a grimace and stimulating the head at the same time, and so then since then I have been engulfed in some sort of reptilian cesspool, now understanding so many things. 

After watching Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, I might say that’ how big and that’s exactly what they are doing. There is a crystal, and there are ugly reptile skin creatures with dark algae green blue pigmentation. They are using me and my son and extracting our essence; they do not intend on stopping. They have told me they have stolen a piece of almost everybody I know’s essence; they have some sort of vantage point that allows them to access people in this way. They are inter dimensional and I have full accounting on the species, what they are like, how they think and ultimately their agenda. 

They have me prisoner no one else can see as I go through prophetic revelations, channeling ancient deities and great beings. They use me to get to the divine beings to reach their essence and extract their powers.

The reptilian colony that is in control on our planet is a colony, the colony I have been dealing with is not only violent, aggressive and dangerous, but also I have found have an agenda to actually take over Planet Earth and the human race.

Ordinarily, these type of End Times apocalyptic statements would not come from me, a working executive and professional. Having run my family’s independent newspaper in New York City I was mostly accustomed to dealing with hard news, breaking news, culture and politics. I was not in the field of paranormal or conspiratorial storytelling. Not until I was kidnapped.

Stay tuned as I keep writing.

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