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Purposeful Design for the Advancement of Society and Planet.

Future by Design

by Vanessa Marie Smith

Human development and economic development have thus far had a complicated relationship on our planet. Since the First Industrial Revolution, we have developed economy at the bitter cost of our natural systems. Building infrastructures and global economy based on a Gross Domestic Product standard, the depletion of our natural and social human capital wearing and bowing under such strenuous pressure, splintering into complex negative systems needed to support the negative effects that offshoot off of these burdening systems. 

Our Earth is imperiled and we must act like this our Planet and our lives that is at stake! The Planet belongs to everyone, we do NOT need permission to make it better.

This negative systemic model of development in globalization consequently is not sustainable, this evident through various defects of a degrading valueless economy. The reality is, we operate at a level that is in opposition to a real value economy. A resource or nature based economy is an economy that is based on the value of our planetary and societal progress and development, rather than the current unsustainable model in which we operate.  We currently operate under fictitious financial instruments without real reserves, and a set of global agreements on the value of the economy of how the world should operate. The rest of the world outside of those policymakers and corporations are locked into a societal model of making money as a standard of living to support these agreements through interest rates, mortgages, credit, banking, utility bills, consumerism and other models designed to operate the world.

Our current accounting systems do not value the environmental and societal damage

We could reduce the military-prison industrial and consumer complex through deliberate divestment from the old unsustainable economic model, and investment into a peaceful and advanced civilization. The reason these function in the world is because we ascribe a financial, business and economic value to them. But what if we valued the price of freedom, peace and other aspects of a civilized society instead?  This is possible through the participatory and open decentralized model of the Earth Foundation.

This is possible through a whole system redesign of the world- Global Design Foundry system, based on Natural Laws and order.

Community as the Bedrock to the Foundation

Indeed the cornerstone of our lives is the community. Our role is to help strengthen the community by increasing self-sustaining ecosystems within each community. The Foundry’s Community Foundations create a community system for local community grown food systems, community energy systems, access systems, healthcare, and other community based goods and services as needed for each community. Through the active and passive earned income and Treasury of the Foundry and the Foundation, our day to day activity not only provides opportunities for each individual to earn new stream of income. This value is also accumulated as a community bank, enabling reclamation legitimate and self-sustaining of water, energy and food systems and creating our own localized resources.

This model implements a new system.

Natural Treasury

Development and Evolution

One that is in Harmony with Nature, the Natural Order and Universal Laws and Principles.

Social development and Technology 

To aide transition our rate of social progress to meet the rate of technology and energy development, radical shift in development to meet the level of technological progress necessary to serve as a balancing function; that we must control AI and technology’s process as one that is subservient to humans and planet. Natural Systems should always be greater than Artificial Systems in their purpose. That technology is of service to humans, society, planet and Nature as part of our Cosmic Existance. A model which understands our evolution under its current new development, to advance ourselves and the planet. 

Today’s technology systems are old-fashioned, dangerous, costly, time consuming, slow productivity and social development, and pose a great risk- just working on normal day-to-day things on the computer. We should not be so exposed to danger. Dismantling technology monopolies, and introducing new technology systems and models, including new computer systems and connectivity is a goal of the Foundation.

We currently live in an unreal world based in fictitious accounting systems, and this is the design that takes us into a real operating economy, one based in Harmony with Nature and the Cosmic Order.

Ecosystem services 

Test concept theory

That the value of negative values in society, including standards of decent standard of living, housing, food, clothes, clean water, poverty, hunger war, crime, environmental and planetary degradation can be equated to the negative value of deficit in the economy, and inflation.

Give me today’s global deficit, the Community Foundations- debt free system of the Foundry model and currency, and we can change the way the world works.

Space development, advancement in new health and wellness systems, agriculture and water systems are also part of the new demand systems of Nature. Peaceful advancement can be priced for high demand.

Previous models held that human and economic development should come first to Nature, and that is indeed the model we operate in today. This model doesn’t argue that human and economic development aren’t important, in fact, it places humans as Earth’s managers. Nature however, includes humans, and as such places Nature and Natural systems, including humans digital, and non-digital identities, in the Foundations Treasury to Protect Life Systems, and Manage as the primary objective of our productivity.

Accounting Systems

Current accounting systems consider market prices for valuation. Outside of these systems, marginal cost, externalities and the trade-offs potential market is widely untapped. 

Returns and Demand

 The potential of this untapped market is the basis for a new demand system in the new economy. Without the economy working in the favor of the planet and society, it would not function well. And that’s where we are. I suppose we can consider the last century or two of industrialization as a learning curve. We’ve learned a lot about what doesn’t work.

Earth’s systems of trade and barter, commodities and exchange, service, supply and demand should all coalesce with the Natural Order. 

Many potential market systems that tap into natural and human social value remain widely unchartered. Human and natural capital assets are currently championed in socially responsible and sustainably driven companies, spearheading value systems in financial systems. Impact investment is aligning ESG’s and the SDG’s into asset management portfolios, finally placing renewable energy and  climate risk on the short list. It is not all like this however; if the needle isn’t moving then we are not where we need to be. 

This model concept theory thus places the system of natural capital in the private market, as well as public systems, and identifies a need to create the Natural Treasury, to hold the reserve values of these Natural Capital markets. 

The objective of the economy and the supporting financial systems is to increase the value of the Natural Treasury. That every positive market activity in the Natural Capital market is also an equivalent “deposit” into the Treasury, thus replacing the previous negative negative systems, with positive positive systems, the economy now working in an ideal state through planned development, where the value of society and the planet increase with positive market activity and exponential economic growth. I grow, it grows, we grow.

Environmental targets are designed in various organizations around the world. For example The Aichi Targets, UN Sustainable Development Goals, TEEb or the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, the United Nations SEEA, System for Environmental Economic Accounting, which has now formally introduced this model into the United Nations, and introducing the concept of expanding, or augmented SNA,  current System of National Accounts SNA standards. Organizations such as the Natural Capitals Coalition, SASB, GRI – all drive the human, social and natural capital private and public efforts to educate and expand these systems into society.

Under current experimental standards social, environmental, economic values do not correctly account systems at a whole. Foundation innovates new channels These new systems attempt to improve or adjust a broken system. Albeit, a launching point. We can expand on that, and introduce a whole new model from there.

The Earth Foundation and the Foundry introduce a whole new approach, through systems redesign ./an idea and philosophy which introduces new ways of approaching human and planetary development.

 The question of valuing nature≤ humans and society is a delicate subject, and much of it has not been objective. Previous traditional social models would tell us this was unethical and that valuing money above all else ethical, deceiving us into believing that valuing people and life was wrong! All the while, we are basically indentured servants to the global elite. The hypocrisy does not escape me.

Balancing Nature, including the wellbeing and personal success of people is important for capital system reform on the basis of articulating the full value of Earth, and that the value of Nature and Humans should coincide and are reinforcing.

The SEEA, TEEb and other working models have contributed a considerable amount for the valuing of nature into the economy, introducing new more sustainable economic ideas to a globalized economy. Though I have to ponder the slow and tedious methodology, does it really take this long to get to a new economic model?

Energy stocks and flows, material and water stocks and flows and their vitality, as well as ecosystem services, also play a critical role in shaping the new economy and are part of the Natural Treasury stock model of the Foundry. The new positive systems design reclaims water and other community resources into Community reserves for the community to benefit.

Preventative Values

These values invested in the New Economy are part of the model that is invested in the redesign of the economy. That valuing and working these values before the cost, that is prevention of degradation, is more valuable than any value it would take to repair by reducing risk and consequences, and the building of negative supporting systems which are a side effect of damaging activity. The value of time, energy and resources expensed could and should be used to improve social, planet and economic systems at a whole rather than fixing or cleaning up large messes, including  quality of life factors and life system degradation. This our previous model of social development is much like spinning wheels. The idea is to start swimming rather than to just stay afloat.

Reliance v Dependance

Whole Systems Integration

Part of the proposed redesign of the Earth Foundation includes a whole systems approach to the way we care for our planet. 

Current globalization and global order organization is hugely mismanaged and staled. Creating a solution from inside of the existing infrastructure  might offer some improvements, but as a whole the approach here is to start fresh, new and with a whole new design of Planet Earth model Gaia.  Some components includes Natural Treasury, technological and data infrastructure Earth Network, which is part of a search and service function intended to offer new data exchange methods, giving the power of their personal data to the individual user, something not yet practiced in today’s IoT technological society. 

Industrial Ecology, Environmental Systems and the Economy

Most certain is this old world order model destined to collapse, our human development piqued under the existing model.

Digital World (Artificial Systems) vs. Natural World (Natural Systems)

First, we explore in which way this world operates. Current currency systems are based on  fictitious accounting systems, that is they do not possess a “real world value” – what makes the value of a dollar? What makes the value of digital currency? These do not account for externalities – for example the degradation of the environment with the increase of digital waste and energy production. What do we value in society? For example agreements such as the cost of utilities, telecommunications and banking systems, these do not hold a real world value.  These systems are based on a fictitious set of agreements.

Digital Information 

Another element of an artificial systems is digital information. They in fact use our stolen personal information to suggest behaviors, and control our lives. This model has since evolved into hundreds of corporations, tech companies and media conglomerates trespassing into most of our lives, through the power of suggestion, perceived power and control. 

This is again a basis for concern of dangerous tipping point of power, that our lives are so out of control that a collapse is inevitable, and again reinforces how the current economy and financial systems are so unrealistic, they are also easy to collapse. This extreme point of absurd global control is so unrealistic in fact, that the transition to a new global order is much more easily obtainable, given its offer of stability, security and prosperity. This is the power that we as a collective conscious have, and that we must exercise. The time is now.

Part of the mission of the Foundation is to de-privatize personal data, and construct a technological infrastructure, intended to advance our development on Planet Earth.  

Private digital information should not be repeatedly collected and stored, or mined,  over and over again and owned by corporations, organizations, government, or other data miners. No one should own our personal data without our consent or just compensation. To say that our private information has value to sell, but has no value for the compensation of its sourcing, is to devalue masses of digital data banks. The truth is, this is reality. Without compensation for personal data, we can easily dilute the value of many so-called dangerous, corrupt and powerful organizations, since the basis of their profit model is based on stolen personal information of private individuals. 

Another way we can see how global powers control individuals- todays’ current model is a form of modern digital slavery- these corporations own and manipulate our personal information and data by using our profiles to drive behavioral changes and influence our decisions.

Every person should own their own digital data and their own personal information, and digital identity.  This model presents a model where individual data is no longer stored in private corporations, or other data warehouses. Software designed to exchange data locally by the individual who owns it fully, and used per transaction. It is a transition to a localized and  on demand society. This is the transition where technology is ready, and so is the economy. It is now up to us to move ourselves into this forward thinking society, releasing our dependence on consumerism and oil.

This houses the information on each individuals computer, and  lessens our digital personal data footprint, which is currently exhaustively repeated in data which is energy intensive, and resource intensive. It also increases our carbon footprint by increasing tech waste and air pollution.   Personal data belongs to each private individual, it should not be copied over and over again in a digital artificial reality for private corporate and government control. 

This localized and on demand model is also important for stability of energy systems, agriculture and food systems, and access systems. Realistically, we are ready for an on-demand Smart Home with on demand 3D printing systems, and other technologies. It is only due to the oil and consumer based society that we don’t move into these more advanced systems, banking systems and the old order hanging on to a dying model.

Public information should be stored at one cohesive command center, managed for people and planet, rather than private corporate ownership. The Foundation would establish this through its Earth Network.  The model of the Earth Foundation creates a central decentralized model for data, managed through certified members and individuals. 

 Through investigation I have found that a considerable part of the control of the global order relies on this radical change in the way we use private data. 

Automation and the Labor Market

Part of the New Gaia Model is the assessment of the automation and labor trade-off dilemma. Under current model, the need to substantiate the labor market in order to provide jobs and employment in the market inhibits the growth of automation in the labor force. The reality is, there is another solution, and problem that addresses this.

New economic model establishes the value of people’s activity (man-made activity) in  as a basis for units of currency in a different manner. Rather than our labor for other people, in exchange for money, our work and effort is dedicated to our endeavors including our role on Planet Earth, be it musician, researcher, biologist, activism, politician, banker or farmer. This is possible through the value based economic model of the the Foundation, and the Foundry. 

Time and energy spent on building your potential and personal productivity in your personal and professional endeavors can be managed through the Earth Network, for currency. This unit value can be exchanged throughout the marketplace of goods and services. It can be used in exchange for basic provisions such as housing costs, energy, water cost, and food.

Part of the Global Design then would include phasing out labor force in exchange growing professional and technical careers at a rate suitable for automation growth. The powers that be have conditioned us to think that labor is necessary; this model argues that skilling, educating, self sustaining, and self-governance is most important.

Natural Systems

Marine water, for example, is an example of a system of real world value, basing a currency and treasury on these values, and man-made activity that transacts with it. Under the Natural Systems model, the value we establish is based on unit by unit of man-made activity and the value this man-made activity has on the Quality, Quantity, Health, Vitality, Productivity and Potential which is a Positivity rating, on Life Systems.

The Natural World, which is what we present here, is based on a system values that includes the natural stock of our natural resources, social and human advancement. That the currency designed in the Foundation will establish a real world value system – that its currency is a value system economy, catalyzing unit by unit the value of the natural world, creating a currency and marketplace- the Foundry

Positive Energy Model- 

The basis for the economic model reflect the Natural Laws that govern the Universe. This includes the positive energy model, a model that elicits a law of equivalent exchange, that our output is greater than our input for success and productivity.  The Golden Rule and The Golden Ratio.

This principle is important in the development factor as well, and is articulated through the index management and rating systems accounting, indicators as part of a global design plan. 

The Earth Foundation is a proposed global organization for One Earth- to Manage, Protect and Defend Planet Earth. Advancing society, technology and the planet through a restructuring of old negative systems with new positive producing systems- following the Natural Order and Universal Laws. The Foundation proposed planning includes  the Natural Treasury – the Treasury of our Planet Earth, a repository and data infrastructure to model the Earth, society and a value based society, replacing old and limiting economic and development models with the new economy. 

It has become apparent that the global collective is reaching a decision making crossroad – either we turn toward an industrialized dystopian society, or a regenerative and advanced utopian society. Peace should be non-negotiable in our society. Technological warfare, arms race, hunger, poverty,  climate change, wealth inequality and other catastrophic problems in our society are not decreasing as we become more technological and military capacitated, posing a great risk without a balanced world capable of sustaining extremes. To become a civilized society, one that considers its own evolution as not something out of our own control but rather as a function of a larger role here on this Planet, coexisting with the Universe in the Natural Order, includes the purposeful and deliberate design of our global goals and vision for the future.

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