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Earth Foundation creates a participatory Community Foundation for our communities across the world. Through a decentralized framework, Council, and organization to build a vision for tomorrow, rooted in our communities.

Through innovative new models which create a viable system based on building a healthier, greener and prosperous world. Working together towards our shared common goals of the future, our world can and should be something accessible to everyone. What happens and how we get there. 

The model of the Foundation actually allows us to Reclaim our Land, Our Power, Our Freedom. What we do to help our communities and our planet should give us access to resources and a happy and healthy life, family, community and Planet. 

Imagine a world where love, freedom, self-governance and a green, healthy Planet Earth abundant in species and ecosystems, streams and valleys flourishing clean air and peaceful streets. We’ve been conditioned to assume a world like this is a fantasy! Yet they expect us to believe the nightmare they created is realistic. 

My hope is to inspire people to join the Revolution. One by one, create our community foundations part of the Earth Foundation, and revolutionize the face of the Earth. 

The Foundry establishes a Community Resources Foundry- new debt free currency system based on a eco positive, socially positive idea. Each community member while earning in their endeavors, profession, trade, skill, research, education can also contribute to the benefit of the Community through the Foundation. This allows us to build networks and nodes of community local resources, regenerative and beneficial for our people and the planet. 

Increasing access systems, healthy food systems, Foundry participatory energy local on-demand community shared resource based systems, healthcare- non-traditional, education- alternative channels through Certification enables new ways to engage our children in their communities. 

Building a better world, one where peace, wellbeing and the Natural world we live is are not only important, but key to our everyday lives.

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