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Declaration of State of Global Emergency

Las Vegas, NV  November 17,2022    Earth Foundation, global monitoring and emergency management systems is issuing the following State of Emergency:

This message is a notice of a total systems deterirotation that has begun a projected course of severe to catastrophic devastation to our Planet Earth.   It has been recorded the momentum is at a dangerous state. This type of system and emergency is  one we have never had to mitigate at this scale -for our planet; negative systems have begun to surge and these negative surges should no longer be considered patchable temporary or political. Much like a National Weather Forecast Emergency, the State of Global Emergency will serve to help us prepare, plan, and deploy plans for stabilization and restructuring.

Due to the complexity and rapidly evolving new information about this Global Emergency, our goal is to transition old systems into newer more compatible systems as a mid to long term goal – our plan is the people’s plan. Our goal is organize, plan and deliver initial Phase in order to determine project timeline and trajectory. 

The Global Emergency has begun and already restraints on development of plan poses risk;  the landscape prevents appropriate and necessary response to the State of Emergency under current organizational and decision making model.  It is not deemed fit nor qualified to safely remedy or repair proactively in the best interest of the people and planet, and once again another obstacle for appropriate response rate, level and intensity needed to stabilize and mitigate. 

Community Foundations is a strategy to help us manage and  flow easily and calmly, more flexibility and command. Resources, strategy and governance can be addressed locally and allows each community to have direct input and participation at an organized level for easier and safe deployment of strategy.

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