About Us

Earth Foundation is a non-profit decentralized organization dedicated to protecting our Planet, People and Life Systems through innovative approaches for diverse and biologically rich Planet

Planet Earth – Middle East and Europe. 3D Rendering. Stars my own photo. Elements of this image furnished by NASA]


Mission Statement

To defend our natural environment and society for the future of our planet by protecting and regenerating the world’s natural resources, advancing social and human wellbeing and sustainable economic development for a more prosperous, biologically rich future.

For an advanced society and planet through Nature.

About us

Earth Foundation proposes a novel and important new model- 100% of the planet under protection and management, nothing less. There is a growing need to completely revolutionize the way we operate to ensure planet Earth functions at full capacity and to secure our future for generations.

We embrace a One Earth model for the advancement of the planet by strengthening our communities which are the bedrock of society.

These are the basic principles of our planet and our society, one with a bold new vision for the protection of our Earth.

This is the very essence of who we are, and where we are going. This is our Earth Foundation.

Future by Design.