Earth Foundation is a new organization and model for the defense and protection of our planet, a design and architecture framework of our world.


The One Earth model is a novel approach to how we transact and engage with the world. It is a management system meant to drive our economy by measuring the impact of man-made activity against our natural systems: Land, Air, Water, Humans/Society, Plants, Animals, Microorganisms and Space.

By measuring the qualitative and quantitative effects of a company, organization or city we design how to advance each organ, by giving its impact an economic value. This model creates an economic index rating of each organ for market activity, which can be designed and modeled to incorporate into total global design.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

By utilizing this model we can prevent the cost, which in turn increases the inherent value of any such activity. We can begin to assess the true and real value of a company, organization, country or city by its value based on a real and natural world system. This model provides an economic value for regenerative, green and nature based solution’s integration.

There are two systems in our approach: Natural systems, and artificial systems. The One Earth model highlights that our natural systems must dominate, and in such should be protected at 100% to correctly reflect the value of our natural systems v artificial systems of the world. We believe that this methodology might just be the right approach to how we transact with the world.

Our model is unique and innovative in many ways. One component that sets
us apart is the data and ownership of our infrastructure. This infrastructure and its data belongs to the people and the planet, and is created to be Earth’s very own legacy.

Through the use of technology and commitment to the planet, we can transcend current global standards, disrupt broken and outdated models, and propel our society and environment for design of our future.

Rather than sell and exchange natural systems, we value man-made
activity against natural and social systems, a more holistic approach to
the way we do business and participate with the planet.

This establishes a demand (and working value) for the environment and society, which in turn can be met through global suppliers and global supply chains.

This model allows us to establish a new principle whereby in conserving,
improving and regenerating our natural world and society, we spur
economic growth.

By improving a rating, an organ is increasing the health and vitality of
the Earth. This system is created to serve Planet Earth and her people.

This would lend itself to stronger and more resilient governments and business’ while improving the planet and society. The two no longer should be at odds with each other. We in no uncertain terms can be in charge of the way the world evolves.

This whole system design approach will allow us to take it further. To design and architect
each organ for improving their rating, which places economic growth
under control and in direct relation to improving our Earth’s natural
and social systems for future prosperity. Each individual design is part
of a larger scheme which fits into Earth’s total design plans.

This infrastructure also develops the Natural Treasury, which is the treasury of life and nature, Earth’s systems. Through design we will actively engage in growing the value of the Natural Treasury.


This system is the One Earth model: Gaia for complete Earth management.

 This is our Future.

Future by Design.

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